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Upcoming Events

October 2023

10/1 – Auburn University Shotgun Team Fundraiser Quail

10/5 – Georgia Power Clays Event

10/6 – Joseph Sam’s School Event

10/7-10/8 – The Cotton Fair

10/13 – Hunter Scarborough Event

10/14– Trinity GAPPS Event

10/20 – FCA Event

10/21 – Flint River Academy GISA Youth Event

10/21-10/29 – Nationals

2023 Registered Shoots

There are no more registered shoots at BRO as we want to assure our quail and deer hunting experiences are terrific for all of our hunters. 

Quail hunts are filling up fast. Call today to book your hunt. 

Stay tuned here and on social media for exciting new on 2024 NSCA registered shooting events. 

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