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Upcoming Events

March 2023

2023 Registered Shoots

Feb 04 Sweetheart Shoot/Circuit Shoot #1

Feb 18 Sub-Gauge Breakthrough Event

Apr 09 NSCA Registered Shoot

Apr 22 Hall of Fame/Start of Summer Shoot

May 31-June 4 NSCA SE Regional And FITASC Grand Slam

July 01 Happy 4th of July Shoot/Circuit Shoot #5

July 09 Georgia State Games

Sep 21-24 4Day Registered Shoot

Oct 08 NSCA Registered Shoot

Updated list will be available upon release from GSCA

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May 11, 2023

Feb 26-Mar 5:--Say Hi to Mike if you are headed to the Seminole Cup. Mike will be setting targets.

Mar 6-12--Wendell Cherry Instruction

Mar 17--East Coweta HS Football Fundaiser

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