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Continental Pheasant Shoots

Tower Shoots

Pheasant Tower.webp

If you want to have a BLAST then the continental pheasant hunt is for you and your party (minimum of 15 shooters). Pheasants are released from a 25-foot tower, constructed from the top portion of an old water tower. Shooting stations are positioned in a circle around the tower, which is concealed from view by small trees and bushes. Shooters rotate around the stations after ten pheasants are released, making different shots at each position.

Variable winds make shooting extremely challenging along with the elevation levels that vary from 20 to 40 feet. Dog handlers with seasoned retrievers are positioned with shooters to retrieve downed birds. At the conclusion of the hunt, the total number of birds harvested is divided by the number of shooters, and each is given an equal number of dressed birds.

If you don’t see what you desire for your hunt or outdoor shooting, please contact Big Red Oak Plantation so we can help you design your own personal outdoor excursion. We will do our very best to accommodate you.


For more information call (706) 538-6870 or (706) 538-6222 or email us at

15-20 guns per shoot, reservations are required
10 pheasants per gun
$270 for members
$300 for non members

Upland Bird Prices

Hunt Your own Quail - over limit $6.75 per bird
Additional guided quail - over limit $8.50 per bird
Chukar $16
Pheasants $24.50

Prices are subject to change due to increases from assorted suppliers. Revised 12/30/22

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