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Arthur Estes, the founder of Big Red Oak Plantation, is a sixth generation family member to live and work on the land. 


The property started with a mere few hundred acres; the family was able to build the plantation to 2,500 acres over the last seven generations.


The land was originally used to grow, buy and market cotton.  When the cotton market declined in the late 1970’s, Arthur combined his lifelong passion for quail hunting and bird dogs and founded Big Red Oak Plantation in 1976.  He had established the hunting preserve in 1974 to restore the quail population. 


Now, where cotton, peaches, corn, and soybeans were grown, the 2,500 acres farm is planted in switch grass, love grass, small grains, clover, partridge pea, and bi-color lespedeza strictly for wildlife management.

Arthur’s family is determined to continue the legacy of preservation and conservation of Big Red Oak Plantation for future generations.

Big Red Oak Plantation

Big Red Oak Plantation is continuing the legacy of seven generations of preservation and conservation on our 2,500 acres of primeval hunting land. It is our mission to preserve Big Red Oak Plantation for the past, present, and future, and to ensure that when you leave the Plantation you will want to come back. We accommodate all ages, skill levels, and group sizes.


“No place in Georgia with as many shooting opportunities.”
“Great customer service.”

“We take the sport seriously and consider this our home and practice facility.”
“Facilities attract world class coaches and shooters.”

“Anything with a gun we can do here.”
“Jessica, Mike, and Lisa make Big Red Oak Plantation.”
“Sportsman wonderland.”

“Shooting at BROP is like shooting with family.”
“No matter what level of shooter BROP accommodates the needs.”
“Can accommodate a bigger group of people.”
“BROP customer service is the best.”

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