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Professional Guides


Big Red Oak Plantation is proud to have more than 15 guides available to you throughout the season. All of our guides are experienced hunters and dog handlers, and all expert guides are proud to use their own well-seasoned trained dogs for your hunt.



Their primary concerns are to ensure the safety of the hunters and the dogs and also to ensure that each hunt is a memorable experience to savor for a lifetime.

The dog breeds used by Big Red Oak Plantation guides are German Shorthaired Pointers, English Pointers, Brittany Spaniels, and an assortment of Setters. Labradors are used for the Continental Pheasant Shoots.



Charlie Smith

“Great quail course.”

“Best flying birds I have ever seen by far.”

“We accommodate our hunts to the hunter’s skills.”

“Our fields are not like hunting in a parking lot.”


Tracy Perry

“Great habitat”

“Family oriented.”

“Relaxed atmosphere.”

“Plenty of birds.”

“We tailor our hunts to the hunter.”



Gary Miller 
(with BROP since 1974)

“Arthur is one hell of a good shot.”

“I helped Arthur develop the place and have been attached ever since.”

“We have had good times.”

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